TAARS 2021 Conference

October 20-22, 2021

Hilton Garden in North-Near the Domain Austin, Texas

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TAARS 2021 Conference

Human Factors and Nighttime Visibility by Jeff Suway

How to determine when, or if, and object is visible to a driver in low light scenarios.  This class will include an in-depth explanation of the types of data and measurements needed, and methods reconstructionist can use this data to accurately recreate a nighttime scene for investigation and analysis. This class will have nighttime, hands on testing/training, therefore all attendees are encouraged to bring their preferred camera setup and tripod. Additional topics will include retroreflective materials function (such as DOT-C2 tape) and how to measure and quantify the performance of these materials.


The goal of this course is to provide the collision reconstruction and human factors community additional knowledge and training to successfully document and analyze nighttime collisions.

Accident Reconstruction & Accident investigation

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